Olha Dzhuman

Deputy Director for Quality of Medical Services, Administrative Manager

  • Organization of work on the implementation and effective functioning of the system quality management in all departments of the institution.
  • Planning and organization of development of internal regulatory documents of the system quality management (procedures, methods, processes, risks, instructions, etc.).
  • Implementation and control over the observance by the employees of the institution of the requirements, procedures and other documents related to the system management of quality, provision of appropriate conditions for realisation of company's goals and policies in the field of quality.
  • Execution of tasks and responsibilities in accordance with the requirements for the Head of Quality Representation according to ISO standards.

Professional experience:

  • 1991-2000 - from a teacher of student youth to a teacher of biology and chemistry. Worked at the secondary school №95 in Lviv./li>
  • 2003-2018 from clinic manager to manager of quality system control. Worked at the International Rehabilitation Clinic (Truskavets).
  • 2000-present - from senior referent to deputy director of quality of medical services and administrative manager. Works in the Medical Center LLC "Rehabilitation Center "Elita"(Lviv).


  • 1992-1998 - Diploma of higher education in "Biology" Lviv State University. Ivan Franko, issued on June 30, 1998.
  • 2002-2004 - Diploma of higher education in the specialty "Management of Organizations" of the Interregional academy of personal management, issued on March 26, 2004.
  • 2015 - Certificate of internal auditor of the system management of quality, in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the standards DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 and DSTU ISO 19011: 2012, issued on 14.03.2015.
  • 2016 - Certificate of specialist in system management of quality ISO 9001: 2015, issued on 07.07.2016.
  • 2017 - Certificate of internship and advanced training for top managers of the group's medicine from Ukraine, at the Academy of management DMAN (Celle, Germany), , issued on 11/24/2017.
  • 2017 - 2017 - Certificate of training at the Manager Training Program in the framework of cooperation "Fit for Partnership with Germany", issued on 11/24/2017.
  • 2018 - Certificate of education in the Summer School "Transformation of the health care system: Eastern Europe", section "Management of health care institutions", issued on June 22, 2018.
  • 2019 - Certificate of internal auditor of the system management of quality, in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 "System management of quality. Requirements " and to ISO 19011: 2018" Guidelines for audits of the system management ", issued on 07/04/2019.
  • 2020 - lasts until 2021 - studies at the Academy of the National Health Service of Ukraine.

Language skills:

  • Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, German, Bulgarian.