Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation according to the Kozavkin Method – the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS), targets patients suffering from all forms of cerebral palsy.

Treatments are aimed at improving motor, mental, and speech capabilities, normalizing muscle tone, increasing the range of passive and active movements in the joints, and augmenting blood circulation, metabolism, and tissue trophism.

The main complex of the INRS program includes the following components: biomechanical correction of the spinal column, reflexotherapy, remedial exercises, massage systems, and apitherapy.

Other procedures are assigned individually, taking into account the patient’s age, the severity of the patient’s motor possibilities and his/her general condition. These include – rhythmic gymnastics, mechanotherapy, computer games therapy, ergotherapy, orofacial massage treatments, light therapy, and vibration therapy.

The rehabilitation course lasts two weeks at the clinic in Truskavets or at the Lviv Rehabilitation Center. This is called the intensive correction period.

During this period, the parents are actively involved in the rehabilitation process; they learn all the practical skills related to performing remedial exercises and massages so that they may continue working with their child at home.

During the in-between period (3-6-12 months), the treatment should continue at home, according to our instructions. This is called the stabilization and potentiation period. Taking into consideration the patient’s characteristics, we can include hydrokinesiotherapy, swimming, ergotherapy, cycling, hippotherapy, and dolphin therapy during this period of the rehabilitation program.