« Spiral » Movement Correction Programme

The Spiral motion correction programme is designed to build new, correct motor stereotypes and eliminate pathological motor patterns. The Spiral Suit, designed specifically to correct movements, is used in all training sessions. The Spiral Suit is equipped with additional external loads that correct limb movements and body position, and activate the flow of “correct” proprioceptive information.

The Suit consists of a system of elastics straps which envelope the body and extremities spiral-wise and are attached to special support elements – vest, shorts, knee pads, elbow pads, boots and gloves. The entire outer surface of the support elements is made of a special material suitable for applying elastic traction. There are no rigid parts in the support elements, which greatly extends the range of physiotherapy exercises.

The Spiral motion correction suit is used to perform exercises that greatly widen rehabilitation opportunities for patients with impaired posture and movements. Systematic motion repetition helps the nervous system to memorize correct movements and use them automatically in the future.