Rehabilitation in Lviv of patients with disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system

This rehabilitation programme is indicated for patients affected by complications caused by different diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including patients who have undergone limb surgery and need to restore their limb functions.

The purpose of the programme is to move the injured limbs beyond the patient’s usual physiological range of motion to by activating the muscles and eliminating or reducing contractures and deformities the extent possible.

The Professor Kozyavkin Method includes consistent and long-term therapy, which is regularly scheduled in two alternate phases. Therapy duration is prescribed individually and depends on the severity of the injury and somatic and psycho-neurological symptoms.

Medical rehabilitation using the Kozyavkin Method is designed to activate the body’s internal reserves, improve blood circulation and trophics, restore lost functions and prevent contractures and deformities, as well as muscle degeneration and atrophy.

The intensive correction phase takes place in a rehabilitation facility.

It includes: a medical examination (analysis of all available medical examinations: X-rays, MRI, opinion from the traumatologist on the nature of the injury and treatment, etc.), the main treatment complex and additional therapeutic procedures.

An individual rehabilitation programme is compiled for each patient, which takes into account the type of lesion, type of limb disorder, and psycho-neurological symptoms.

The stabilization and potentiation phase lasting 3 to 6 months is carried out by patients or local medical staff at the patient’s home or place of residence.